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Halaal Guesthouse in Cape Town titled Layla Villa offers you strictly halal accommodation, luxury comfort at reasonable prices ...
Fifa 2010 - cup world in South Africa, hotels in Cape Town for FIFA 2010
FIFA 2010 rent hotelFIFA 2010
South Africa in 2010 will proudly host Cup World FIFA 2010 ...
Gold in Cape Town
Golf in Cape Town

Golf in Cape Town

Endless golf fields and elite golf clubs - one of the main prides of Cape Town - golf fans from ...
Shopping in Cape Town
Shopping in Cape Town

Shopping in Cape Town

Dozens of huge shopping malls.. Excellent quality & affordable prices - this turns Cape Town into a real shopping Paradise...
Holidays with children in Cape Town
Holiday in Cape Town: kids adventures

Kids adventures in Cape Town, South Africa

Diving, safari, Kruger Park, golden beaches. Ratanga Junction offers oceans of entertainment for kids, youth & all Cape Town visitors ...
Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Capetonian world-famous Cape of Good Hope like a magnet attracts visitors from all over the world ...
Flowers Protea - unique south african treasure
Flowers in South Africa: Protea

Flower Protea

Protea is a proudly South African unique king's worthy flower ...
Table Mountain Cape Town
Rent car in Cape Town

Table Mountain

Legendary Table Mountain lives in the heart of all Capetonians & like a mysterious table from fairytales echoes in the soul of every person who visited it ...
Mosques in Cape Town
Mosques masajids in Cape Town

Mosques in Cape Town

200 mosques, Islamic colleges & madrassas are in Cape Town ...
Kirstenbosch Garden - national treasure of Cape Town
Kirstenbosch garden in Cape Town

Kirstenbosch Gardens

Kirstenbosch Gardens - a national treasure of Cape Town ...


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Cape of Good Hope

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Cape of Good Hope in South Africa: History
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Tour to Nature Reserve Cape of Good Hope

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Cape of Good Hope

In this section of Halaal Accommodation Layla Villa website we will introduce our visitors with brief history of Pride of South Africa: NATURE RESERVE Cape of Good Hope.

History of South African Nature Reserve Cape of Good Hope began in 1928. Firrst of all the area of Present Nature Resort was threatened by resort development. And only on 11 April 1939 the land was officially obtained by Divisional Council of the Cape . At that time total area of Nature Reserve of Cape of Good Hope containted 7750 he and was bought for R127,000.

Cape of Good Hope was made up of certain land granted by the Government and of the following farms of the Nature Reserve were: farm Buffelsfontein, farm Uitershoek, farm Bloubergvlei.

Later on, by 1941, Cape of Good Hope extended its borders thanks to the farms Theefontein, Klaasjagers, Olifantsbos etc.

Nature Reserve Cape of Good Hope famous by its Kaapse Fynbos 4 types of plants: protea, reeds, ericas, geophytes.

There are baboons, zebra, South African antelope, ostrich Bontebok and over 150 species of birds.

The coastline of Cape of Good Hope is about 40 km long, and known to be shipwreck for centuries due its rocky surface.

False Bay was originally founded by the Portuguese and called Golfo Dentro da Serras' which means Gulf between the mountains'. This name originates from Portuguese name of Cape Hangklip which they called Cabo Falso', due to coming from the East they often mistook this landmark for Cape Point and sailed into False Bay , then forced to turn about and search for the real Cape Point in the unpleasant foggy weather condition. This sometimes took few days or even weeks.

Nowadays both Hangklip and Cape Point are secured with lighthouses. The lighthouse in on the lowel level below the fog most of th time and is the most powerful in the world, at almost 20 million candle power.

Many of visitors ask, whether this is the meeting place for the two oceans*. If go into technicality of details, then the answer is NO. From geographical side, the answer should be Cape Agulhas which is the most southern point of Africa, located about 170 km to the South East.But oceanographer will emphasise that the meeting place is not stable, it moves from day to day due to difference of temperature. Invisible border between the two oceans is a straight line between Cape Agulhas and the South Pole, but where the two oceans meet question for endless discussions.

* Two oceans: Indian and Atlantic.



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