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Halaal accomodation in Cape Town upmarket area next to Bellville, Plattekloof: luxury comfort, affordable price ...
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Demand for Cape Town Halal accomodation is increasing daily. If you are interested to learn about Musim history in Cape Town

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We can recommend halaal apartments in Century City complex, Rabbat, Athlone & Strand (accommodation photos below).
Updated April 11, 2011
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Halaal accommodation in Cape Town

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Halaal Accommodation in Cape Town
Rent halaal room in Cape Town; FIFA 2010

Halaal accommodation in Cape

Halaal Family Guesthouse in Cape Town:


What is alaal accommodation?

Why do so many people make emphasis on HALAAL when they search for suitable accommodation? What does Halaal accommodation mean and what extra can it offer?

How one can describe accommodation that claiming to be halaal? Halaal terminology worldwide is associated with food - halaal food that contain no pork and all meat and chicken are in accordance with or compliant to Islamic law. What can one expect when looking for halaal accommodation, halaal lodge, or a halaal villa in particular?

Regulations in Halaal guesthouse

Let us clarify a few points. First of all Halaal accommodation is mainly aimed at Muslim customers who follow Islamic rules (obey Islamic norms in food and general behaviour). As a rule, in a Halaal guesthouse there are rules and regulations that one MUST be followed to the "tee". For example, Alcohol- free, smoke-free, annoying noise-free.

The 1st of these rules relate to drinking. In Halaal accommodation alcohol is not permitted at any time. So, No Alcohol. It is not a recommendation but a scrict prohibition.

The 2nd point (emphasise) in the list of Halaal accommodation is noise related. Correct behaviour is expected at all times and particularly in the evening one should avoid creating any noise or play loud music.

The 3rd point is concerning about smoking. In many halaal accommodation smoking inside the rooms is forbidden. Taking in consideration that smoking is considered by most of Muslim leaders as not-recommended. efforts are made to meet the needs of people who can't
give up this unhealthy habit.

Halaal guesthouse and Halaal villas

Usually halaal guesthouses and halaal villas offer smokers a special place allocated for smoking without disturbance of others, such as balcony or garden.

The above-mentioned are NOT ALLOWED in halaal accommodation. Now lets us talk
about extras that can be expected in every reputable halaal guesthouse.
1) Copy of the Holy Quran in each room
2) Prayer mat for pefrorming Islamic prayer.
3) Strictly Halaal food
4) Friendly and peaceful environment (smoke and alcohol free)
5) Extra jug in each toilet-bathroom, facilities.
6) Wake-up call for morning prayer
7) Suitable clothes for women for performing prayer (hijab, abaya or
just long dress with long sleeves).
8) Obviously, STRICLY alcohol-free.
9) Child-friendly.

Facilities for children in Halaal establishments

In some halaal accommodations, specifically home-based halaal lodge
establishments, there are facilities for babies and playground
(play-room with toys) for kids.


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