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Fifa 2010 - cup world in South Africa, hotels in Cape Town for FIFA 2010
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Cup World FIFA 2010 ...
Gold in Cape Town
Golf in Cape Town

Golf in Cape Town

Endless golf fields and elite golf clubs - one of the main prides of Cape Town - golf fans from ...
Shopping in Cape Town
Shopping in Cape Town

Shopping in Cape Town

Dozens of huge shopping malls.. Excellent quality & affordable prices - this turns Cape Town into a real shopping Paradise...
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Holiday in Cape Town: kids adventures

Kids adventures in Cape Town, South Africa

Diving, safari, Kruger Park, golden beaches. Ratanga Junction offers oceans of entertainment for kids, youth & all Cape Town visitors ...
Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

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Flowers Protea - unique south african treasure
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Flower Protea

Protea is a proudly South African unique king's worthy flower ...
Table Mountain Cape Town
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Table Mountain

Legendary Table Mountain lives in the heart of all Capetonians & like a mysterious table from fairytales echoes in the soul of every person who visited it ...
Mosques in Cape Town
Mosques masajids in Cape Town

Mosques in Cape Town

200 mosques, Islamic colleges & madrassas are in Cape Town ...
Kirstenbosch Garden - national treasure of Cape Town
Kirstenbosch garden in Cape Town

Kirstenbosch Gardens

Kirstenbosch Gardens - a national treasure of Cape Town ...
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Robben Island: Cape Town

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Virtual Tour to Robben Island
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History of Robben Island

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Robben Island is situated in Table Bay , approximately 10 km north of Cape Town harbour and 5 km west of Bloubergstrand.

It is kidney-shaped with a rocky coastline and a a max length of 4,5 km and a diameter of 1,5 km, the narrowest part 1 km wide. The total area is more than 550 hectares.

The highest part, Minto Hill on the southern side, is about 30 m above sea level.

The indigenous vegetation consisted mainly or reeds and shrubs up to 1892, when 24,000 seedling trees were planted. These trees multiplied and at present an area of two thirds of the Robben Island is covered by trees. The most important of these are blue gum, manatokka, Cyprus and rooikrans.

Due to absence of high mountains in the immediate vicinity, the average annual rainfall on the island is only 330 mm.

Of the large numbers of penguins and seals found here during earlier times, only a few are left. Seabirds however, are plentiful and especially during April and May, seagulls gather here in their thousands during the breeding season.

The other animals found here are all foreign to the Island and include deer, springbok, ostriches, steenbok, duikers, grysbok etc. Birds on Robben Island: guinea fowl, Indian fighting pheasants, Egyptian water geese, peacocks, partridges.



Ships which foundered on the Coast of Robben Island

In August 1666 particulars of ships were founded on Robben Island , when 1 of Jan van Riebeeck's ships, the Schapenjacht, struck the rocks in a strong north westerly wind.

During 1776, the Neieu Rhoon followed the Schapenjacht to a watery grave, and 17 years later the Dageraad foundered with a cargo of golf bards never salvaged.

Other ships in Robben Island:

1821 Flora,
1848 Bittern,
1852 Kingston,
1856 Sea Eagle,
1861 Bernica,
1880 Lancastria,
1901 Tantallon Castle,
1912 SS Natal,
1916 Rangatira,
1923 Golden Crown.


One of the main attraction for tourists in Cape Town: Robben Island

Robben Island have changed over from a political prison. It turned to a museum in 1997. Robben Island museum one can visit on scheduled tours. One can reach Robben Island on ferry - from Waterfront. Upon arrival to Robben Island tourist boards a tour bus that takes them to all places of interests in Robben Island, including prison where Nelson Mandela spent so many years.



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