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Halaal Family lodge in Cape Town titled Layla Villa offers you luxury comfort at reasonable prices ...
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Fifa 2010 - cup world in South Africa, hotels in Cape Town for FIFA 2010
FIFA 2010FIFA 2010
South Africa in 2010 will proudly host Cup World FIFA 2010 ...
Gold in Cape Town
Golf in Cape Town

Golf in Cape Town

Endless golf fields and elite golf clubs - one of the main pride of Cape Town - golf fans from ...
Shopping in Cape Town
Shopping in Cape Town

Shopping in Cape Town

Dozens of huge shopping malls.. Excellent quality & affordable prices - this turns Cape Town into real shopping Paradise...
Holidays with children in Cape Town
Holiday in Cape Town: kids adventures

Kids adventures in Cape Town, South Africa

Diving, safari, Kruger Park, golden beaches. Rotanga Junction offer ocean of entertainments for kids, youth & all Cape Town visitors ...
Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Capetonian world-famour Cape of Good Hope like a magnit attracts visitors from all over the world ...
Flowers Protea - unique south african treasure
Flowers in South Africa: Protea

Flowers Protea

Protea is proudly South African unique king' worthy flower ...
Table Mountain Cape Town
Rent car in Cape Town

Table Mountain

Legendary Table Mountain lives in the heart of all capetonians & like a misterious table from fairytale echoes in the soul of every person who ever visited it ...
Mosques in Cape Town
Mosques masajids in Cape Town

Mosques in Cape Town

200 masajids, Islamic colledges & madrasas are in Cape Town ...
Kirstenbosch Garden - national treasure of Cape Town
Kirstenbosch garden in Cape Town

Kirstenbosch Garden

Kirstenbosch Garden - national treasure of Cape Town ...
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Halaal food in Cape Town

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Traditional Food of Cape Malays


Many centuries ago, spices were the basis for trade between the East and the West and it influenced the food in South Africa. Indian finger-licking dishes and Malay skillfully prepared delicious meals and a variety of European recipes from all over the world makes Capetonian food very unique and suitable to any taste and any food/ health habits.

In today's largest supermarkets, prestigious restaurants, McDonalds, Pizzas, KFC, Subways, as well as in regular cafes, small stores and even in outside stalls and mobile shops one can always find Halaal food. The food aspect plays an important role in Capetonian Muslim life and Muslims are tempted to eat out as almost everywhere food is halaal and very tasty. Take-aways and fast delivery are also widely available. Even on Fridays after Juma Salaah tasty and inexpensive food is on sale not only to gain fund-raising but also in order to give Muslim women an opportunity to come and gain knowledge by listening to inspirational lectures in the mosque instead of spending many hours in the kitchen on the sacred day of the week.

In some mosques musallees (people who regularly visit this particular mosque) take turns in the opportunity to do a righteous deed to provide Jumu'a food for sale as a fund-raising event.

Muslims love dinner outings and Sunday lunches with their families. It is almost impossible to find a husband who won't spoil his wife with regular visits to local restaurants and/or cozy cafeterias.

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